Cosmetic Procedures: Scars Removal Techniques

Hormonal changes of the body during puberty or pregnancy periods, metabolic disorders, heredity, insufficient or excessive hygiene are just a few of the reasons that lead to acne and it is not the end of the skin problems. Scars from acne and blackheads, especially if they occur on the face, to many seem to be completely unjust punishment: after the effort that it took to get rid of acne, people have to face another, no less serious aesthetic problem. However, it's not a reason to lose art because doctors such as plastic surgeons, dermatologists, cosmetologists and pharmacists are working hard on a successful scar treatment.

We are going to describe in detail the techniques which will help to remove annoying scars and provide the best scar treatment.

Depending on the individual and the nature of regenerative processes, which take place in the skin after acne scars can occur one of three types:
• atrophic is the most common variant, caused by a small increase of connective tissue look like pits of different size and shape;
• keloid (keloids) is the result of excessive growth of connective tissue. Thick scars irregularly shaped red or purple color, can grow quite far beyond the damaged area;
• hypertrophic also visually looks like keloids, but is not prone to the growth.

It depends on the type of your scars which scar treatment you need to choose.

Let's start with the bad news: to remove scars completely is impossible. But to make them virtually invisible is absolutely real. There are three main groups of methods that will help in this case:
1. Medication. External drugs made to eliminate scars are available in a large assortment on the beauty market. They contain active substances that stimulate the regenerating processes in the skin, soften tissues and make scars less visible. Such preparations can cope with fresh effects of blackheads and pimples, but is not particularly effective when working with scars 1.5-2 years of age or more. The most commonly used in combination with other techniques to increase their effect.
2. Cosmetology includes various hardware and chemical methods of leveling and smoothing the skin. Different in the degree of aggressiveness and often quite painful, they may involve the rehabilitation period, but have high efficiency.
3. Surgical operation is used in case of the most serious scar defects. In case of acne it is not typically used. After surgery small cosmetic scars may remain and they will also need to be removed and lightened.

Jessie Padilla, expert in skin care, provides the latest info about scar treatment procedures in Toronto that allow to get rid of any skin blemishes easily.

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