Massage treatments provided in our salon

Massage has a beneficial effect on the entire body, increasing its vitality, reducing nervous over-excitability, improving mood and health. Skin condition of the whole body gets improved with the help of massage, besides it helps to normalizes the function of the sebaceous and fat glands, effects positively the blood vessels and muscles, reduces excess weight, increases firmness and elasticity of the skin tissue. Our salon offers anti-cellulite massage: this type of body massage involves massaging of the entire body within 30 minutes, and private SPA massage of a particular body part. If cellulite signs are not noticeable, it is recommended to resort to general massage. These procedures will help you to preserve the youthfulnesses of your body and feel good regardless of your age.

In most cases, SPA treatments have no negative impact on the body, but only contribute to better health, body toning and well being. Read about our SPA procedures with bath and body products for professional care.

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