Hair style and make-up for the bride

Hairstyle and make-up are integral parts of the bride's looks. They should harmonize with shapes and the styles of wedding dresses, as well as match the image of the bride: Toronto photographers advise to choose light and delicate hairstyle and romantic and discreet make-up. It is the best option for both events a wedding ceremony and a photo shoot. Read more about hair services we offer for newlyweds.

Preparation details
In practice, hairdressers and makeup artists can offer a huge number of decor elements and special effects to a bride. Flowers, hairpins or beads are often used to decorate the hair. Modern makeup artists use sequins, rhinestones, pearl shadow and ultra glowing lipsticks for bride's makeup. False eyelashes, which are also decorated with sequins and beads are used to emphasize the eyes. Moreover, it is quite possible to make a body art! Temptation with the variety of beauty decor elements is just so great that only true masters of beauty are able to keep a balance between the hair, makeup and outfit.

Choice of a wedding hairstyle depends on many nuances, but it is possible to highlight the main points. It does not matter whether it is bright and fashionable or classics hairstyle, long or short hair, there are three main selection criteria:

- First, the hairstyle should be comfortable and long-lasting enough. After all, it has to endure quite a serious test. Furthermore, it is impossible for a bride to feel comfortable while constantly thinking about the state of a hairstyle.

- Second, you should consider the shape and structural features of the face. Hairstyle should not only decorate and emphasize the natural beauty of the bride, but also hide all the shortcomings.

- Third, the bride's hairstyle should be in harmony with all other elements of the image. Especially with the main components such as: wedding dress and bridal bouquet. Makeup, manicures and other elements are usually selected after the hairstyle is chosen.

The appearance of a bride is a subtly thoughtful to the smallest detail style and the hair is probably one of the most important elements of this image. We hope that these materials prepared with the help of Toronto wedding photographers will help you to make the right choice and you will look irresistible on a day of your wedding.

Priscilla Mooren about the best options for bride's hair style and makeup in association with experienced Brampton wedding photographer.

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